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Sensory Discriminative, Descriptive and Product Benefit-link

Sensory methods utilize the skills of respondents who are screened based on their sensory acuity, and are trained on evaluating a specific product on a given scale. Our researchers train and lead sensory experts who will assist to meet your goals in sensory evaluation & profiling benefit-sensory linking, and quality assurance.

  • Discriminative – This brief and precise test method determines if there is a detectable (ingredient) difference among two or more products.
  • Descriptive – Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) compares and contrasts products at the specific attribute level. Insight Evolution takes the following step-by-step approach:
    • Initiate category screening process
    • Generate relevant (category-related) consumer language
    • Translate consumer language into technical, measurable terms
    • Train respondents on quantitative sensory scaling method
      • Work closely with client to develop/utilize training references for the various points of the scale
    • Develop evaluation protocol
    • Run pilot tests
    • Validate panel – ready to profile
  • Sensory Quality Assurance – Ensures the consistency of the product experience
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