Insight Evolution has a genuine passion for qualitative research. Our professionals have extensive experience & training with numerous research tools, including most innovative projective techniques, across a broad industry range.

  • Group Discussions, Focus Groups and Interviews
    • Research Facilities
    • At Home, Customized locations
    • Online
    • Mobile
  • Creative Ideation Sessions / Springboard facilitation
  • Web Usability
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Product Attribute (Language) Generation
  • Ethnography
    • Our engaging position with consumers leads into actionable, insightful learning. From screener development, intensive analysis of fieldwork to a focused, rich presentation report.
  • Shopper Insights
    • Understanding how shoppers behave in the key store touch points is a “moment of truth” that helps grow more than product purchase and trial – it grows brand power.


Our highly experienced professionals provide partnership synergy with you to deliver consumer and sensory insights that meet your greatest challenges. At Insight Evolution we directly partner with leading edge customized global research panels, which enables us to operate with maximum quality and cost efficiency.

  • Our Data Collection Methods
    • Research Facilities
    • Central Location (CLT)
    • Home Use (HUT), including product placement
    • Online Surveys and Discussion Boards
      • Interactive in-house questionnaire and recruiting capability
      • Global access
      • Real time data access to clients
      • Large HD image file interactive capability (for Logo, Packaging research)
  • Our Research
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Omnibus Surveys
    • Product/Service Development Testing
    • Packaging Design Research
    • Usage and Attitude Studies
    • Segmentation
    • Positioning & Concept Development
    • Brand Development Research
    • Pricing
    • Naming

Our Quantitative professionals in a nutshell:

Quantitative Professionals

  • Multilingual: English, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Minimum 10+ years of experience across different industries
  • Data Analysis capabilities:
    • PCA, Factor Analysis, MDA
    • Turf
    • Data modeling
    • Conjoint Analysis

Hybrid Research:

Insight Evolution personalized approach is based on a holistic understanding of the consumer in their personal environment. This focused view recognizes each project for its own uniqueness and thus enables us to customize, tweak and develop data-collection methods and research techniques that will translate knowledge into actionable insights.


"Great Products Deliver Great Experiences"

Sensory methods utilize the skills of sensory respondents, who are screened based on their sensory acuity and are trained on evaluating a specific product category. Our researchers train and lead sensory experts who will assist you in meeting your goals in sensory evaluation & profiling benefit-sensory linking, and quality assurance.

  • Discriminative – This brief and precise test method determines if there is a detectable (ingredient) difference between two or more products.
  • Descriptive – Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA) compares and contrasts products at the specific attribute level. Insight Evolution takes the following step-by-step approach:
    • Initiate category screening process
    • Generate relevant (category-related) consumer language
    • Translate consumer language into technical, measurable terms
    • Train respondents on quantitative sensory scaling method
      • Work closely with client to develop/utilize training references for the various points of the scale
    • Develop evaluation protocol
    • Run pilot tests
    • Validate panel – ready to profile
      • Sensory Quality Assurance – Ensures the consistency of the product experience.
  • Sensory helps us understand what exactly it is about the taste that is ‘nice’ and how sweet is ‘sweeter’
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