Our Executive Team

Thais Senger

Throughout Thais’ successful career, she has worked for notable international companies like Unilever (both in Brazil and US), Colgate-Palmolive and InterContinental Hotels Group. She has also worked for Atlanta-based Georgia Pacific Company. Later, as an independent consultant, Thais continued to lead research initiatives for companies in many parts of the world. One of her memorable experiences was in Thailand, where she conducted a series of ethnographic studies in the streets and homes of Bangkok. Thais has a very unique background: she started her career as a biochemist/pharmacist and is highly experienced on both technical (R&D) and business sides (Marketing/Sales). She understands the importance of collaborating and liaising with many cross-functional teams and partners. It is her multi-cultural background and international travel that facilitated her existing network with research partners in many of the markets she has worked.

Fully trained at RIVA, Thais has a broad range of moderating experience with a diverse number of techniques and industries including food & beverage, beauty & personal care, health care, household care, paper goods, hospitality (corporate, guest experience and loyalty programs), financial services and technology. In addition to her qualitative and quantitative skills, Thais is also a sensory scientist (she was responsible for designing and implementing the first sensory test lab at Unilever (Elida Gibbs) Brazil.

Born and raised in Brazil, also a U.S. citizen, Thais is fluent in 3 languages and has moderated groups in English, Portuguese and Spanish (with over 1300 groups & in-depth interviews). Thais is a trained and experienced facilitator (a member of the Creative Education Foundation - CEF/CPSI), and her passion for innovation goes where creative research methods meets the latest technologies. Thais shares other passions: her family and all the furry/feather critters in this world. Her goal is to always be able to help one pet at a time.

Gregg Nicoll
Director, Consumer and Market Research, Sensory Science

Gregg is an accomplished marketing and sensory research leader who utilizes his broad-based experience to identify and progress new product, service and business opportunities from early stage innovation/identification through implementation and post-launch tracking. He brings to Insight Evolution 18+ years of leading-edge, broad-based international marketing, consumer and sensory research experience gained at The Coca-Cola Company, Unilever and Mary Kay Corporation – combined with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Research. Gregg also has a strong bioscience and healthcare background supported by M.SC and PH.D. degrees in microbiology, immunology and oral biology/pathology.

Gregg has been a Subject Matter Leader in consumer insights and sensory science for numerous high-visibility global CPG product development programs in beverages, foods, personal care and beauty, household, health and dental care, new ingredient/delivery system technologies, packaging and equipment – resulting in numerous new product launches. He is a multicultural, consumer insight researcher with extensive experience in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa - with a proven, track record in identification of new consumer unmet needs and desires. While each location is unique and special, there are many commonalities regarding consumer desires. From washing clothes in South African rivers to advanced facial treatments in Japan, consumers desire products that deliver efficacy, can be trusted and are socially responsible.

Gregg enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. He has lived in Canada, England, Thailand, Indonesia and several other locations including numerous places in the United States. Today he lives with his wife, his teenage daughter, and frequently visits his 3 sons– 2 in the Greater NYC area and one in Okinawa, Japan.

In which ways are we unique?

We are a small personalized company with a large global reach:

  • Insight Evolution has special presence and cultural knowledge of the Brazilian Market
    • Partners in the main centers: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba
    • Cultural and language knowledge by Insight Evolution Brazilian professionals
    • 15+ years of research experience with local markets
    • Insight Evolution has close partners in strategic locations around the world
  • We make our business personal
  • We help you build new skills and capabilities
  • We strategically develop and tailor our tools to meet your unique needs
  • We combine a breath of global research experience from consumer product goods to hospitality, early product development to post launch monitoring
  • Our professionals have many years of experience in both sides of the spectrum, R&D and Marketing Sales
  • We work collaboratively and strive to engage and excite your team
  • We deliver meaningful, inspiring presentations that leads to relevant action
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